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AI for the command line, built for pipelines. More information:

  • Ask a generic question:

mods "{{write me a poem about platypuses}}"

  • Open settings in your $EDITOR:

mods --settings

  • Ask for comments on your code, in markdown format:

mods --format "{{what are your thoughts on improving this code?}}" < {{path/to/file}}

  • Ask for help with your documentation, in markdown format:

mods --format "{{write a new section to this readme for a feature that sends you a free rabbit if you hit r}}" < {{}}

  • Organize your videos, in markdown format:

ls {{path/to/videos}} | mods --format "{{organize these by decade and summarize}}"

  • Read through raw HTML and summarize the contents, in markdown format:

curl "{{,relativehumidity_2m,windspeed_10m}}" | mods --format "{{summarize this weather data for a human}}"

  • Display help:

mods --help