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Imports content from a JSON, CSV, or TSV file into a MongoDB database. More information:

  • Import a JSON file into a specific collection:

mongoimport --file={{path/to/file.json}} --uri={{mongodb_uri}} --collection={{collection_name}}

  • Import a CSV file, using the first line of the file to determine field names:

mongoimport --type={{csv}} --file={{path/to/file.csv}} --db={{database_name}} --collection={{collection_name}}

  • Import a JSON array, using each element as a separate document:

mongoimport --jsonArray --file={{path/to/file.json}}

  • Import a JSON file using a specific mode and a query to match existing documents:

mongoimport --file={{path/to/file.json}} --mode={{delete|merge|upsert}} --upsertFields="{{field1,field2,...}}"

  • Import a CSV file, reading field names from a separate CSV file and ignoring fields with empty values:

mongoimport --type={{csv}} --file={{path/to/file.csv}} --fieldFile={{path/to/field_file.csv}} --ignoreBlanks

  • Display help:

mongoimport --help