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Finds and displays signatures of Types and methods inside .NET assemblies. More information:

  • Show the structure of a Type built-in of the .NET Framework:

monop {{System.String}}

  • List the types in an assembly:

monop -r:{{path/to/assembly.exe}}

  • Show the structure of a Type in a specific assembly:

monop -r:{{path/to/assembly.dll}} {{Namespace.Path.To.Type}}

  • Only show members defined in the specified Type:

monop -r:{{path/to/assembly.dll}} --only-declared {{Namespace.Path.To.Type}}

  • Show private members:

monop -r:{{path/to/assembly.dll}} --private {{Namespace.Path.To.Type}}

  • Hide obsolete members:

monop -r:{{path/to/assembly.dll}} --filter-obsolete {{Namespace.Path.To.Type}}

  • List the other assemblies that a specified assembly references:

monop -r:{{path/to/assembly.dll}} --refs