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Mobile Shell (mosh) is a robust and responsive replacement for SSH. mosh persists connections to remote servers while roaming between networks. More information:

  • Connect to a remote server:

mosh {{username}}@{{remote_host}}

  • Connect to a remote server with a specific identity (private key):

mosh --ssh="ssh -i {{path/to/key_file}}" {{username}}@{{remote_host}}

  • Connect to a remote server using a specific port:

mosh --ssh="ssh -p {{2222}}" {{username}}@{{remote_host}}

  • Run a command on a remote server:

mosh {{remote_host}} -- {{command -with -flags}}

  • Select Mosh UDP port (useful when remote_host is behind a NAT):

mosh -p {{124}} {{username}}@{{remote_host}}

  • Usage when mosh-server binary is outside standard path:

mosh --server={{path/to/bin/}}mosh-server {{remote_host}}