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Provides access to an entire filesystem in one directory. More information:

  • Show all mounted filesystems:


  • Mount a device to a directory:

mount -t {{filesystem_type}} {{path/to/device_file}} {{path/to/target_directory}}

  • Create a specific directory if it does not exist and mount a device to it:

mount --mkdir {{path/to/device_file}} {{path/to/target_directory}}

  • Mount a device to a directory for a specific user:

mount -o uid={{user_id}},gid={{group_id}} {{path/to/device_file}} {{path/to/target_directory}}

  • Mount a CD-ROM device (with the filetype ISO9660) to /cdrom (readonly):

mount -t {{iso9660}} -o ro {{/dev/cdrom}} {{/cdrom}}

  • Mount all the filesystem defined in /etc/fstab:

mount -a

  • Mount a specific filesystem described in /etc/fstab (e.g. /dev/sda1 /my_drive ext2 defaults 0 2):

mount {{/my_drive}}

  • Mount a directory to another directory:

mount --bind {{path/to/old_dir}} {{path/to/new_dir}}