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High Performance MPEG 1.0/2.0/2.5 Audio Player for Layer 1, 2, and 3. Mpg321 was written (sometime in 1999) to be a drop-in replacement for the (previously) non-free mpg123 player. More information:

  • Play an audio source exactly N times (N=0 means forever):

mpg321 -l {{N}} {{path/to/file_a|URL}} {{path/to/file_b|URL}} {{...}}

  • Play a directory recursively:

mpg321 -B {{path/to/directory}}

  • Enable Basic Keys ( * or / - Increase or decrease volume, n - Skip song, m - Mute/unmute.) while playing:

mpg321 -K {{path/to/file_a|URL}} {{path/to/file_b|URL}} {{...}}

  • Play files randomly until interrupted:

mpg321 -Z {{path/to/file_a|URL}} {{path/to/file_b|URL}} {{...}}

  • Shuffle the files before playing them once:

mpg321 -z {{path/to/file_a|URL}} {{path/to/file_b|URL}} {{...}}

  • Play all files in the current directory and subdirectories, randomly (until interrupted), with Basic Keys enabled:

mpg321 -B -Z -K .