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Manage Ubuntu virtual machines using native hypervisors. More information:

  • List the aliases that can be used to launch an instance:

multipass find

  • Launch a new instance, set its name and use a cloud-init configuration file:

multipass launch -n {{instance_name}} --cloud-init {{configuration_file}}

  • List all the created instances and some of their properties:

multipass list

  • Start a specific instance by name:

multipass start {{instance_name}}

  • Show the properties of an instance:

multipass info {{instance_name}}

  • Open a shell prompt on a specific instance by name:

multipass shell {{instance_name}}

  • Delete an instance by name:

multipass delete {{instance_name}}

  • Mount a directory into a specific instance:

multipass mount {{path/to/local/directory}} {{instance_name}}:{{path/to/target/directory}}