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MuseScore 3 sheet music editor. See also: lilypond. More information:

  • Use a specific audio driver:

musescore --audio-driver {{jack|alsa|portaudio|pulse}}

  • Set the MP3 output bitrate in kbit/s:

musescore --bitrate {{bitrate}}

  • Start MuseScore in debug mode:

musescore --debug

  • Enable experimental features, such as layers:

musescore --experimental

  • Export the given file to the specified output file. The file type depends on the given extension:

musescore --export-to {{output_file}} {{input_file}}

  • Print a diff between the given scores:

musescore --diff {{path/to/file1}} {{path/to/file2}}

  • Specify a MIDI import operations file:

musescore --midi-operations {{path/to/file}}