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Convert PDF files, query information and extract data. More information:

  • Convert pages 1-10 into 10 PNG images:

mutool convert -o {{image%d.png}} {{file.pdf}} {{1-10}}

  • Convert pages 2, 3 and 5 of a PDF into text in the standard output:

mutool draw -F {{txt}} {{file.pdf}} {{2,3,5}}

  • Concatenate two PDFs:

mutool merge -o {{output.pdf}} {{input1.pdf}} {{input2.pdf}}

  • Query information about all content embedded in a PDF:

mutool info {{input.pdf}}

  • Extract all images, fonts and resources embedded in a PDF out into the current directory:

mutool extract {{input.pdf}}

  • Print the outline (table of contents) of a PDF:

mutool show {{input.pdf}} outline