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Apache Maven: build and manage Java-based projects. More information:

  • Compile a project:

mvn compile

  • Compile and package the compiled code in its distributable format, such as a jar:

mvn package

  • Compile and package, skipping unit tests:

mvn package -DskipTests

  • Install the built package in local maven repository. (This will invoke the compile and package commands too):

mvn install

  • Delete build artifacts from the target directory:

mvn clean

  • Do a clean and then invoke the package phase:

mvn clean package

  • Clean and then package the code with a given build profile:

mvn clean -P {{profile}} package

  • Run a class with a main method:

mvn exec:java -Dexec.mainClass="{{com.example.Main}}" -Dexec.args="{{argument1 argument2 ...}}"