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A fast port scanner written in Go with a focus on reliability and simplicity. Note: Some features are only activated when naabu is run with root privileges such as SYN scan. More information:

  • Run a SYN scan against default (top 100) ports of remote host:

sudo naabu -host {{host}}

  • Display available network interfaces and public IP address of the local host:

naabu -interface-list

  • Scan all ports of the remote host (CONNECT scan without sudo):

naabu -p - -host {{host}}

  • Scan the top 1000 ports of the remote host:

naabu -top-ports 1000 -host {{host}}

  • Scan TCP ports 80, 443 and UDP port 53 of the remote host:

naabu -p 80,443,u:53 -host {{host}}

  • Show CDN type the remote host is using, if any:

naabu -p 80,443 -cdn -host {{host}}

  • Run nmap from naabu for additional functionalities (nmap must be installed):

sudo naabu -v -host {{host}} -nmap-cli 'nmap {{-v -T5 -sC}}'