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Like grep but with powerful replace capabilities. Unlike sed, as it isn't restricted to line oriented editing. More information:

  • Recursively search starting in the current directory, ignoring case:

ned --ignore-case --recursive '{{^[dl]og}}' {{.}}

  • Search always showing colored output:

ned --colors '{{^[dl]og}}' {{.}}

  • Search never showing colored output:

ned --colors=never '{{^[dl]og}}' {{.}}

  • Search ignoring certain files:

ned --recursive --exclude '{{*.htm}}' '{{^[dl]og}}' {{.}}

  • Simple replace:

ned '{{dog}}' --replace '{{cat}}' {{.}}

  • Replace using numbered group references:

ned '{{the ([a-z]+) dog and the ([a-z]+) dog}}' --replace '{{the $2 dog and the $1 dog}}' {{.}}

  • Replace changing case:

ned '{{([a-z]+) dog}}' --case-replacements --replace '{{\U$1\E! dog}}' --stdout {{.}}

  • Preview results of a find and replace without updating the target files:

ned '{{^[sb]ad}}' --replace '{{happy}}' --stdout {{.}}