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Bioinformatics tool for virus genome alignment, clade assignment and qc checks. More information:

  • Align sequences to user provided [r]eference, [o]utputting the alignment to a file:

nextclade run {{path/to/sequences.fa}} -r {{path/to/reference.fa}} -o {{path/to/alignment.fa}}

  • Create a [t]SV report, auto-downloading the latest [d]ataset:

nextclade run {{path/to/fasta}} -d {{dataset_name}} -t {{path/to/report.tsv}}

  • List all available datasets:

nextclade dataset list

  • Download the latest SARS-CoV-2 dataset:

nextclade dataset get --name sars-cov-2 --output-dir {{path/to/directory}}

  • Use a downloaded [D]ataset, producing all [O]utputs:

nextclade run -D {{path/to/dataset_dir}} -O {{path/to/output_dir}} {{path/to/sequences.fasta}}

  • Run on multiple files:

nextclade run -d {{dataset_name}} -t {{path/to/output_tsv}} -- {{path/to/input_fasta_1 path/to/input_fasta_2 ...}}

  • Try reverse complement if sequence does not align:

nextclade run --retry-reverse-complement -d {{dataset_name}} -t {{path/to/output_tsv}} {{path/to/input_fasta}}