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nix classic

A classic, stable interface to a powerful package manager that makes package management reliable, reproducible, and declarative. Some Nix commands such as nix-build, nix-shell, nix-env, and nix-store have their own pages. See also: tldr nix. More information:

  • Search for a package in nixpkgs via its name:

nix-env -qaP {{search_term_regexp}}

  • Start a shell with the specified packages available:

nix-shell -p {{pkg1 pkg2 pkg3...}}

  • Install some packages permanently:

nix-env -iA {{nixpkgs.pkg1 nixpkgs.pkg2...}}

  • Show all dependencies of a store path (package), in a tree format:

nix-store --query --tree {{/nix/store/...}}

  • Update the channels (repositories):

nix-channel --update

  • Remove unused paths from Nix store: