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Manipulate or query the Nix store. See also: nix3 store. More information:

  • Collect garbage, such as removing unused paths:

nix-store --gc

  • Hard-link identical files together to reduce space usage:

nix-store --optimise

  • Delete a specific store path (must be unused):

nix-store --delete {{/nix/store/...}}

  • Show all dependencies of a store path (package), in a tree format:

nix-store --query --tree {{/nix/store/...}}

  • Calculate the total size of a certain store path with all the dependencies:

du -cLsh $(nix-store --query --references {{/nix/store/...}})

  • Show all dependents of a particular store path:

nix-store --query --referrers {{/nix/store/...}}