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nix run

Run an application from a Nix flake. See tldr nix3 flake for information about flakes. More information:

  • Run the default application in the flake in the current directory:

nix run

  • Run a command whose name matches the package name from nixpkgs (if you want a different command from that package, see tldr nix3 shell):

nix run nixpkgs#{{pkg}}

  • Run a command with provided arguments:

nix run nixpkgs#{{vim}} -- {{path/to/file}}

  • Run from a remote repository:

nix run {{remote_name}}:{{owner}}/{{repo}}

  • Run from a remote repository using a specific tag, revision or branch:

nix run {{remote_name}}:{{owner}}/{{repo}}/{{reference}}

  • Run from a remote repository specifying a subdirectory and a program:

nix run "{{remote_name}}:{{owner}}/{{repo}}?dir={{dir_name}}#{{app}}"

  • Run the flake of a GitHub pull request:

nix run github:{{owner}}/{{repo}}/pull/{{number}}/head