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Watch files and automatically restart a node application when changes are detected. More information:

  • Execute the specified file and watch a specific file for changes:

nodemon {{path/to/file.js}}

  • Manually restart nodemon (note nodemon must already be active for this to work):


  • Ignore specific files:

nodemon --ignore {{path/to/file_or_directory}}

  • Pass arguments to the node application:

nodemon {{path/to/file.js}} {{arguments}}

  • Pass arguments to node itself if they're not nodemon arguments already (e.g. --inspect):

nodemon {{arguments}} {{path/to/file.js}}

  • Run an arbitrary non-node script:

nodemon --exec "{{command_to_run_script}} {{options}}" {{path/to/script}}

  • Run a Python script:

nodemon --exec "python {{options}}" {{path/to/}}