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Fast and customizable vulnerability scanner based on a simple YAML based DSL. More information:

  • [u]pdate nuclei [t]emplates to the latest released version:

nuclei -ut

  • [l]ist all [t]emplates with a specific [p]rotocol [t]ype:

nuclei -tl -pt {{dns|file|http|headless|tcp|workflow|ssl|websocket|whois|code|javascript}}

  • Run an [a]utomatic web [s]can using wappalyzer technology detection specifying a target [u]RL/host to scan:

nuclei -as -u {{}}

  • Run HTTP [p]rotocol [t]ype templates of high and critical severity, [e]xporting results to [m]arkdown files inside a specific directory:

nuclei -severity high,critical -pt http -u {{}} -me {{markdown_directory}}

  • Run all templates using a different [r]ate [l]imit and maximum [b]ulk [s]ize with silent output (only showing the findings):

nuclei -rl {{150}} -bs {{25}} -c {{25}} -silent -u {{}}

  • Run the WordPress [w]orkflow against a WordPress site:

nuclei -w {{path/to/nuclei-templates/workflows/wordpress-workflow.yaml}} -u {{}}

  • Run one or more specific [t]emplates or directory with [t]emplates with [v]erbose output in stderr and [o]utput detected issues/vulnerabilities to a file:

nuclei -t {{path/to/nuclei-templates/http}} -u {{}} -v -o {{results}}

  • Run scan based on one or more [t]emplate [c]onditions:

nuclei -tc {{"contains(tags, 'xss') && contains(tags, 'cve')"}} -u {{}}