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Official CLI for 1Password's desktop app. More information:

  • Sign in to a 1Password account:

op signin

  • List all vaults:

op vault list

  • Print item details in JSON format:

op item get {{item_name}} --format json

  • Create a new item with a category in the default vault:

op item create --category {{category_name}}

  • Print a referenced secret to stdout:

op read {{secret_reference}}

  • Pass secret references from exported environment variables to a command:

op run -- {{command}}

  • Pass secret references from an environment file to a command:

op run --env-file {{path/to/env_file.env}} -- {{command}}

  • Read secret references from a file and save plaintext secrets to a file:

op inject --in-file {{path/to/input_file}} --out-file {{path/to/output_file}}