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openssl ts

OpenSSL command to generate and verify timestamps. More information:

  • Generate a SHA-512 timestamp request of a specific file and output to file.tsq:

openssl ts -query -data {{path/to/file}} -sha512 -out {{path/to/file.tsq}}

  • Check the date and metadata of a specific timestamp response file:

openssl ts -reply -in {{path/to/file.tsr}} -text

  • Verify a timestamp request file and a timestamp response file from the server with an SSL certificate file:

openssl ts -verify -in {{path/to/file.tsr}} -queryfile {{path/to/file.tsq}} -partial_chain -CAfile {{path/to/cert.pem}}

  • Create a timestamp response for request using key and signing certificate and output it to file.tsr:

openssl ts -reply -queryfile {{path/to/file.tsq}} -inkey {{path/to/tsakey.pem}} -signer tsacert.pem -out {{path/to/file.tsr}}