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A C-port of the ORCA live programming environment. ORCA is an esoteric programming language for creating procedural sequencers. More information:

  • Start ORCA with an empty workspace:


  • Start ORCA and open a specific file:

orca-c {{path/to/file.orca}}

  • Start ORCA and set a specific tempo (defaults to 120):

orca-c --bpm {{beats_per_minute}}

  • Start ORCA and set the size of the grid:

orca-c --initial-size {{columns}}x{{rows}}

  • Start ORCA and set the maximum number of undo steps (defaults to 100):

orca-c --undo-limit {{limit}}

  • Show the main menu inside of ORCA:


  • Show all shortcuts inside of ORCA:


  • Show all ORCA operators inside of ORCA:

<Ctrl> + g