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Capture screenshots of websites in various resolutions. More information:

  • Take multiple screenshots of multiple URLs at different resolutions:

pageres {{}} {{}} {{1366x768}} {{1600x900}}

  • Provide specific options for a URL, overriding global options:

pageres [{{}} {{1366x768}} --no-crop] [{{}} {{1024x768}}] --crop

  • Provide a custom filename template:

pageres {{}} {{1024x768}} --filename={{'<%= date %> - <%= url %>'}}

  • Capture a specific element on a page:

pageres {{}} {{1366x768}} --selector='{{.page-header}}'

  • Hide a specific element:

pageres {{}} {{1366x768}} --hide='{{.page-header}}'

  • Capture a screenshot of a local file:

pageres {{local_file_path.html}} {{1366x768}}