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Cut out a rectangular region from a Netpbm image. See also: pamcrop, pamdice, pamcomp. More information:

  • Discard the specified number of columns/rows on each side of the image:

pamcut -cropleft {{value}} -cropright {{value}} -croptop {{value}} -cropbottom {{value}} {{path/to/image.ppm}} > {{path/to/output.ppm}}

  • Keep only the columns between the specified columns (inclusively):

pamcut -left {{value}} -right {{value}} {{path/to/image.ppm}} > {{path/to/output.ppm}}

  • Fill missing areas with black pixels if the specified rectangle does not entirely lie within the input image:

pamcut -top {{value}} -bottom {{value}} -pad {{path/to/image.ppm}} > {{path/to/output.ppm}}