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A simple command-line mixer for PulseAudio. More information:

  • List all sinks and sources with their corresponding IDs:

pamixer --list-sinks --list-sources

  • Set the volume to 75% on the default sink:

pamixer --set-volume {{75}}

  • Toggle mute on a sink other than the default:

pamixer --toggle-mute --sink {{ID}}

  • Increase the volume on default sink by 5%:

pamixer --increase {{5}}

  • Decrease the volume on a source by 5%:

pamixer --decrease {{5}} --source {{ID}}

  • Use the allow boost option to increase, decrease, or set the volume above 100%:

pamixer --set-volume {{105}} --allow-boost

  • Mute the default sink (use --unmute instead to unmute):

pamixer --mute