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Convert a PAM image to PNG. See also: pnmtopng, pngtopam. More information:

  • Convert the specified PAM image to PNG:

pamtopng {{path/to/image.pam}} > {{path/to/output.png}}

  • Mark the specified color as transparent in the output image:

pamtopng -transparent {{color}} {{path/to/image.pam}} > {{path/to/output.png}}

  • Include the text in the specified file as tEXt chunks in the output:

pamtopng -text {{path/to/file.txt}} {{path/to/image.pam}} > {{path/to/output.png}}

  • Cause the output file to be interlaced in Adam7 format:

pamtopng -interlace {{path/to/image.pam}} > {{path/to/output.png}}