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Combine a grid of Netpbm images into one. See also: pamdice. More information:

  • Combine the images whose names match the printf-style filename expression. Assume a grid with a specific size:

pamundice {{filename_%1d_%1a.ppm}} -across {{grid_width}} -down {{grid_height}} > {{path/to/output.ppm}}

  • Assume that the tiles overlap horizontally and vertically by the specified amount:

pamundice {{filename_%1d_%1a.ppm}} -across {{x_value}} -down {{y_value}} -hoverlap {{value}} -voverlap {{value}} > {{path/to/output.ppm}}

  • Specify the images to be combined through a text file containing one filename per line:

pamundice -listfile {{path/to/file.txt}} -across {{x_value}} -down {{y_value}} > {{path/to/output.ppm}}