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Render text as a PBM image. See also: pbmtextps. More information:

  • Render a single line of text as a PBM image:

pbmtext "{{Hello World!}}" > {{path/to/output.pbm}}

  • Render multiple lines of text as a PBM image:

echo "{{Hello\nWorld!}}" | pbmtext > {{path/to/output.pbm}}

  • Render text using a custom font supplied as a PBM file:

pbmtext -font {{path/to/font.pbm}} "{{Hello World!}}" > {{path/to/output.pbm}}

  • Specify the number of pixels between characters and lines:

echo "{{Hello\nWorld!}}" | pbmtext -space {{3}} -lspace {{10}} > {{path/to/output.pbm}}