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Repair damaged or corrupted PCAP and PcapNG files. More information:

  • Repair a PCAP/PCapNG file (Note: for PCAP files, only the first 262144 bytes of each packet are scanned):

pcapfix {{path/to/file.pcapng}}

  • Repair an entire PCAP file:

pcapfix --deep-scan {{path/to/file.pcap}}

  • Repair a PCAP/PcapNG file and write the repaired file to the specified location:

pcapfix --outfile {{path/to/repaired.pcap}} {{path/to/file.pcap}}

  • Treat the specified file as a PcapNG file, ignoring automatic recognition:

pcapfix --pcapng {{path/to/file.pcapng}}

  • Repair a file and show the process in detail:

pcapfix --verbose {{path/to/file.pcap}}