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Create an index image for a photo CD based on its overview file. More information:

  • Create a PPM index image from a PCD overview file:

pcdovtoppm {{path/to/file.pcd}} > {{path/to/output.ppm}}

  • Specify the [m]aximum width of the output image and the maximum [s]ize of each of the images contained in the output:

pcdovtoppm -m {{width}} -s {{size}} {{path/to/file.pcd}} > {{path/to/output.ppm}}

  • Specify the maximum number of images [a]cross and the maximum number of [c]olours:

pcdovtoppm -a {{n_images}} -c {{n_colours}} {{path/to/file.pcd}} > {{path/to/output.ppm}}

  • Use the specified [f]ont for annotations and paint the background [w]hite:

pcdovtoppm -a {{number}} -w {{path/to/file.pcd}} > {{path/to/output.ppm}}