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Shell frontend for the LaTeX pdfpages package for mingling PDFs. More information:

  • Merge two (or more) PDFs:

pdfjam {{path/to/file1.pdf}} {{path/to/file2.pdf}} --outfile {{path/to/output_file.pdf}}

  • Merge the first page of each file together:

pdfjam {{files...}} 1 --outfile {{path/to/output_file.pdf}}

  • Merge subranges from two PDFs:

pdfjam {{path/to/file1.pdf 3-5,1}} {{path/to/file2.pdf 4-6}} --outfile {{path/to/output_file.pdf}}

  • Sign an A4 page (adjust delta to height for other formats) with a scanned signature by overlaying them:

pdfjam {{path/to/file.pdf}} {{path/to/signature}} --fitpaper true --outfile {{path/to/signed.pdf}} --nup "{{1x2}}" --delta "{{0 -842pt}}"

  • Arrange the pages from the input file into a fancy 2x2 grid:

pdfjam {{path/to/file.pdf}} --nup {{2x2}} --suffix {{4up}} --preamble '{{\usepackage{fancyhdr} \pagestyle{fancy}}}'

  • Reverse the order of pages within each given file and concatenate them:

pdfjam {{files...}} {{last-1}} --suffix {{reversed}}