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PDF merging utility based on pdfjam. More information:

  • Merge two PDFs into one with the default suffix "joined":

pdfjoin {{path/to/file1.pdf}} {{path/to/file2.pdf}}

  • Merge the first page of each given file together:

pdfjoin {{path/to/file1.pdf path/to/file2.pdf ...}} {{1}} --outfile {{output_file}}

  • Save pages 3 to 5 followed by page 1 to a new PDF with custom suffix:

pdfjoin {{path/to/file.pdf}} {{3-5,1}} --suffix {{rearranged}}

  • Merge page subranges from two PDFs:

pdfjoin {/path/to/file1.pdf}} {{2-}} {{file2}} {{last-3}} --outfile {{output_file}}