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PDF toolkit. More information:

  • Extract pages 1-3, 5 and 6-10 from a PDF file and save them as another one:

pdftk {{input.pdf}} cat {{1-3 5 6-10}} output {{output.pdf}}

  • Merge (concatenate) a list of PDF files and save the result as another one:

pdftk {{file1.pdf file2.pdf ...}} cat output {{output.pdf}}

  • Split each page of a PDF file into a separate file, with a given filename output pattern:

pdftk {{input.pdf}} burst output {{out_%d.pdf}}

  • Rotate all pages by 180 degrees clockwise:

pdftk {{input.pdf}} cat {{1-endsouth}} output {{output.pdf}}

  • Rotate third page by 90 degrees clockwise and leave others unchanged:

pdftk {{input.pdf}} cat {{1-2 3east 4-end}} output {{output.pdf}}