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Converts PDF files to PNG/JPEG/TIFF/PDF/PS/EPS/SVG using cairo. More information:

  • Convert a PDF file to JPEG:

pdftocairo {{path/to/file.pdf}} -jpeg

  • Convert to PDF expanding the output to fill the paper:

pdftocairo {{path/to/file.pdf}} {{output.pdf}} -pdf -expand

  • Convert to SVG specifying the first/last page to convert:

pdftocairo {{path/to/file.pdf}} {{output.svg}} -svg -f {{first_page}} -l {{last_page}}

  • Convert to PNG with 200ppi resolution:

pdftocairo {{path/to/file.pdf}} {{output.png}} -png -r 200

  • Convert to grayscale TIFF setting paper size to A3:

pdftocairo {{path/to/file.pdf}} -tiff -gray -paper A3

  • Convert to PNG cropping x and y pixels from the top-left corner:

pdftocairo {{path/to/file.pdf}} -png -x {{x_pixels}} -y {{y_pixels}}