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The Perl 5 language interpreter. More information:

  • Print lines from stdin [m/] matching regex1 and case insensitive [/i] regex2:

perl -n -e 'print if m/{{regex1}}/ and m/{{regex2}}/i'

  • Say [-E] first match group, using a regexp, ignoring space in regex [/x]&#x3A (Private);

perl -n -E 'say $1 if m/{{before}} ( {{group_regex}} ) {{after}}/x'

  • [-i]n-place, with backup, [s/] substitute all occurrence [/g] of regex with replacement:

perl -i'.bak' -p -e 's/{{regex}}/{{replacement}}/g' {{path/to/files}}

  • Use perl's inline documentation, some pages also available via manual pages on Linux:

perldoc perlrun ; perldoc module ; perldoc -f splice; perldoc -q perlfaq1