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Extract a PostgreSQL database cluster into a script file or other archive file. More information:

  • Dump all databases:

pg_dumpall > {{path/to/file.sql}}

  • Dump all databases using a specific username:

pg_dumpall --username={{username}} > {{path/to/file.sql}}

  • Same as above, customize host and port:

pg_dumpall -h {{host}} -p {{port}} > {{output_file.sql}}

  • Dump all databases into a custom-format archive file with moderate compression:

pg_dumpall -Fc > {{output_file.dump}}

  • Dump only database data into an SQL-script file:

pg_dumpall --data-only > {{path/to/file.sql}}

  • Dump only schema (data definitions) into an SQL-script file:

pg_dumpall -s > {{output_file.sql}}