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A static analysis tool for PHP. More information:

  • Generate a .phan/config.php in the current directory:

phan --init

  • Generate a Phan configuration file using a specific level (1 being strictest to 5 being the least strict):

phan --init --init-level {{level}}

  • Analyze the current directory:


  • Analyze one or more directories:

phan --directory {{path/to/directory}} --directory {{path/to/another_directory}}

  • Specify a configuration file (defaults to .phan/config.php):

phan --config-file {{path/to/config.php}}

  • Specify the output mode:

phan --output-mode {{text|verbose|json|csv|codeclimate|checkstyle|pylint|html}}

  • Specify the number of parallel processes:

phan --processes {{number_of_processes}}