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Fix violations detected by phpcs. More information:

  • Fix issues in the specified directory (defaults to the PEAR standard):

phpcbf {{path/to/directory}}

  • Display a list of installed coding standards:

phpcbf -i

  • Specify a coding standard to validate against:

phpcbf {{path/to/directory}} --standard {{standard}}

  • Specify comma-separated file extensions to include when sniffing:

phpcbf {{path/to/directory}} --extensions {{file_extension1,file_extension2,...}}

  • A comma-separated list of files to load before processing:

phpcbf {{path/to/directory}} --bootstrap {{path/to/file1,path/to/file2,...)}}

  • Don't recurse into subdirectories:

phpcbf {{path/to/directory}} -l