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A PHP static analysis tool to discover bugs in code. More information:

  • Analyze one or more directories:

phpstan analyse {{path/to/directory1 path/to/directory2 ...}}

  • Analyze a directory using a configuration file:

phpstan analyse {{path/to/directory}} --configuration {{path/to/config}}

  • Analyze using a specific rule level (0-7, higher is stricter):

phpstan analyse {{path/to/directory}} --level {{level}}

  • Specify an autoload file to load before analyzing:

phpstan analyse {{path/to/directory}} --autoload-file {{path/to/autoload_file}}

  • Specify a memory limit during analysis:

phpstan analyse {{path/to/directory}} --memory-limit {{memory_limit}}

  • Display available options for analysis:

phpstan analyse --help