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pio remote

Helper command for PlatformIO Remote Development. pio remote [command] takes the same arguments as its locally executing counterpart pio [command]. More information:

  • List all active Remote Agents:

pio remote agent list

  • Start a new Remote Agent with a specific name and share it with friends:

pio remote agent start --name {{agent_name}} --share {{}} --share {{}}

  • List devices from specified Agents (omit --agent to specify all Agents):

pio remote --agent {{agent_name1}} --agent {{agent_name2}} device list

  • Connect to the serial port of a remote device:

pio remote --agent {{agent_name}} device monitor

  • Run all targets on a specified Agent:

pio remote --agent {{agent_name}} run

  • Update installed core packages, development platforms and global libraries on a specific Agent:

pio remote --agent {{agent_name}} update

  • Run all tests in all environments on a specific Agent:

pio remote --agent {{agent_name}} test