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Apply antialiasing onto a PNM image. More information:

  • Perform antialiasing on a PNM image, taking black pixels as background and white pixels as foreground:

pnmalias {{path/to/input.pnm}} > {{path/to/output.ppm}}

  • Explicitly specify the background and foreground color:

pnmalias -bcolor {{background_color}} -fcolor {{foreground_color}} {{path/to/input.pnm}} > {{path/to/output.ppm}}

  • Apply altialiasing to foreground pixels only:

pnmalias -fonly {{path/to/input.pnm}} > {{path/to/output.ppm}}

  • Apply antialiasing to all surrounding pixels of background pixels:

pnmalias -balias {{path/to/input.pnm}} > {{path/to/output.ppm}}