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Crop PNM images. More information:

  • Remove white borders on a PNM image:

pnmcrop -white {{path/to/image.pnm}} > {{path/to/output.pnm}}

  • Remove borders of the specified color that are on the top and left side of the image:

pnmcrop -bg-color {{color}} -top -left {{path/to/image.pnm}} > {{path/to/output.pnm}}

  • Determine the color of the borders to be removed by the color of the pixel in the specified corner:

pnmcrop -bg-corner {{topleft|topright|bottomleft|bottomright}} {{path/to/image.pnm}} > {{path/to/output.pnm}}

  • Leave a border with a width of n pixels. Additionally, specify the behaviour if the image is entirely made out of background:

pnmcrop -margins {{n}} -blank-image {{pass|minimize|maxcrop}} {{path/to/image.pnm}} > {{path/to/output.pnm}}