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pnpm outdated

Check for outdated packages. The check can be limited to a subset of the installed packages by providing arguments (patterns are supported). More information:

  • Check for outdated packages:

pnpm outdated

  • Check for outdated dependencies found in every workspace package:

pnpm outdated -r

  • Filter outdated packages using a package selector:

pnpm outdated --filter {{package_selector}}

  • List outdated packages [g]lobally:

pnpm outdated --global

  • Print details of outdated packages:

pnpm outdated --long

  • Print outdated dependencies in a specific format:

pnpm outdated --format {{format}}

  • Print only versions that satisfy specifications in package.json:

pnpm outdated --compatible

  • Check only outdated [D]ev dependencies:

pnpm outdated --dev