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Simple management tool for pods, containers and images. Podman provides a Docker-CLI comparable command-line. Simply put: alias docker=podman. More information:

  • List all containers (both running and stopped):

podman ps --all

  • Create a container from an image, with a custom name:

podman run --name {{container_name}} {{image}}

  • Start or stop an existing container:

podman {{start|stop}} {{container_name}}

  • Pull an image from a registry (defaults to Docker Hub):

podman pull {{image}}

  • Display the list of already downloaded images:

podman images

  • Open a shell inside an already running container:

podman exec --interactive --tty {{container_name}} {{sh}}

  • Remove a stopped container:

podman rm {{container_name}}

  • Display the logs of one or more containers and follow log output:

podman logs --follow {{container_name}} {{container_id}}