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Control polybar using inter-process-messaging (IPC). Note: IPC is disabled by default and can be enabled by setting enable-ipc = true in the Polybar config. More information:

  • Quit the bar:

polybar-msg cmd quit

  • Restart the bar in-place:

polybar-msg cmd restart

  • Hide the bar (does nothing if the bar is already hidden):

polybar-msg cmd hide

  • Show the bar again (does nothing if the bar is not hidden):

polybar-msg cmd show

  • Toggle between hidden/visible:

polybar-msg cmd toggle

  • Execute a module action (the data string is optional):

polybar-msg action "#{{module_name}}.{{action_name}}.{{data_string}}"

  • Only send messages to a specific Polybar instance (all instances by default):

polybar-msg -p {{pid}} {{cmd|action}} {{payload}}