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Convert a PPM image to a Mitsubishi S340-10 file. More information:

  • Convert a PPM image to a MITSU file:

ppmtomitsu {{path/to/file.ppm}} > {{path/to/file.mitsu}}

  • Enlarge the image by the specified factor, use the specified sharpness and produce n copies:

ppmtomitsu -enlarge {{1|2|3}} -sharpness {{1|2|3|4}} -copy {{n}} {{path/to/file.ppm}} > {{path/to/file.mitsu}}

  • Specify the media that will be used for the printing process:

ppmtomitsu -media {{A|A4|AS|A4S}} {{path/to/file.ppm}} > {{path/to/file.mitsu}}