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Convert a PPM image to an X11 version 3 pixmap. More information:

  • Convert a PPM image to a XPM image:

ppmtoxpm {{path/to/input_file.ppm}} > {{path/to/output_file.xpm}}

  • Specify the prefix string in the output XPM image:

ppmtoxpm -name {{prefix_string}} {{path/to/input_file.ppm}} > {{path/to/output_file.xpm}}

  • In the output XPM file, specify colors by their hexadecimal code instead of their name:

ppmtoxpm -hexonly {{path/to/input_file.ppm}} > {{path/to/output_file.xpm}}

  • Use the specified PGM file as a transparency mask:

ppmtoxpm -alphamask {{path/to/alpha_file.pgm}} {{path/to/input_file.ppm}} > {{path/to/output_file.xpm}}