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Command-line tool for visualization and analysis of profile data. More information:

  • Generate a text report from a specific profiling file, on fibbo binary:

pprof -top {{./fibbo}} {{./fibbo-profile.pb.gz}}

  • Generate a graph and open it on a web browser:

pprof -svg {{./fibbo}} {{./fibbo-profile.pb.gz}}

  • Run pprof in interactive mode to be able to manually launch pprof on a file:

pprof {{./fibbo}} {{./fibbo-profile.pb.gz}}

  • Run a web server that serves a web interface on top of pprof:

pprof -http={{localhost:8080}} {{./fibbo}} {{./fibbo-profile.pb.gz}}

  • Fetch a profile from an HTTP server and generate a report:

pprof {{http://localhost:8080/debug/pprof}}