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A project manager for JUCE framework applications. More information:

  • Display information about a project:

Projucer --status {{path/to/project_file}}

  • Resave all files and resources in a project:

Projucer --resave {{path/to/project_file}}

  • Update the version number in a project:

Projucer --set-version {{version_number}} {{path/to/project_file}}

  • Generate a JUCE project from a PIP file:

Projucer --create-project-from-pip {{path/to/PIP}} {{path/to/output}}

  • Remove all JUCE-style comments (//=====, //----- or ///////):

Projucer --tidy-divider-comments {{path/to/target_folder}}

  • Display help:

Projucer --help