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PowerShell-based utility to manage multiple Node.js versions, inspired by nvm. This tool provides multiple commands that all can only be run through PowerShell. More information:

  • View documentation for Get-NodeInstallLocation, a tool to get the current Node.js install location:

tldr get-nodeinstalllocation

  • View documentation for Get-NodeVersions, a tool to list all available and currently-installed Node.js versions:

tldr get-nodeversions

  • View documentation for Install-NodeVersion, a tool to install Node.js runtime versions:

tldr install-nodeversion

  • View documentation for Remove-NodeVersion, a tool to uninstall an existing Node.js version:

tldr remove-nodeversion

  • View documentation for Set-NodeInstallLocation, a tool to set the Node.js install location:

tldr set-nodeinstalllocation

  • View documentation for Set-NodeVersion, a tool to set the default version of Node.js:

tldr set-nodeversion