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pueue add

Enqueue a task for execution. More information:

  • Add any command to the default queue:

pueue add {{command}}

  • Pass a list of flags or arguments to a command when enqueuing:

pueue add -- {{command --arg -f}}

  • Add a command but do not start it if it's the first in a queue:

pueue add --stashed -- {{rsync --archive --compress /local/directory /remote/directory}}

  • Add a command to a group and start it immediately, see pueue group to manage groups:

pueue add --immediate --group "{{CPU_intensive}}" -- {{ffmpeg -i input.mp4 frame_%d.png}}

  • Add a command and start it after commands 9 and 12 finish successfully:

pueue add --after {{9}} {{12}} --group "{{torrents}}" -- {{transmission-cli torrent_file.torrent}}

  • Add a command with a label after some delay has passed, see pueue enqueue for valid datetime formats:

pueue add --label "{{compressing large file}}" --delay "{{wednesday 10:30pm}}" -- "{{7z a compressed_file.7z large_file.xml}}"